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EMPOWER offers an alternative to a traditional school setting.

We provide a structured and flexible schedule with engaging, individualized and EMPOWERing learning opportunities that enhance the core learning of all students.

Wherever your family is or has been previously in their educational journey we provide your student with just the right balance of freedom and structure. 

Regardless of your reason to explore other options, our program can be adjusted to your students' individual needs while meeting your educational goals as a parent. 

We partner with you to choose a curriculum option that fits your values if needed and we provide the enrichment and interventions that your child needs throughout the school day. 

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2401 SE C Street,
Bentonville, AR 72712


At EMPOWER we want to enhance your students educational experience while EMPOWERing them to be their best. EMPOWER is the perfect option if your student thrives in an online or homeschool learning environment but needs opportunities, socialization and collaboration, as well as personalized attention to their individual learning needs.


This is great for working families that are looking for public school alternatives, homeschool families that have a desire for a structured schedule in a group setting that motivates them, as well as students with learning needs that require enrichment or intervention.

EMPOWER is unique because you as the parent are responsible for choosing, and providing your child’s core learning assignments each day, making you their teachers while we EMPOWER them to reach their full potential and assist in the completion of their daily learning requirements. 

Student Life

Students will be in a small group and have an assigned homeroom educator to assist in the completion of their daily learning requirements. During this scheduled time they will receive interventions in reading or math and will have one on one help with their assignments for the day.

The students will be expected to work independently and the educators will assist as needed. Planned and structured hours will be embedded throughout the day that will give students hands on, creative opportunities to learn and grow. This will include STEM, art, guest speakers and demonstrations, writing and book partnerships, and so much more!  

Students will be provided a flexible, comfortable learning environment with options to work inside or outside. Their hour long lunch and recess will give them the freedom to relax, socialize and regain their focus.

Academy Classes

Academy Class add-ons will provide students with EMPOWER the option to choose classes offered through the SHN Academy.  When students are not in their Academy classes they will be in their small groups working on their Core classes.

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